Jon has been making Let's Plays (gaming videos) for over ten years. Originally he began doing so as merely a hobby, at the urging of his friends to give it a try. Awkward at first, he soon became more comfortable with speaking to an audience while doing one of his favorite things... Playing games. In time, various successes, collaborations, and equipment upgrades have grown his audience.

He reached 10,000 subs on 9/20/2020. The total is now over 12k. Jon refers to them as the "Wolfe Pack",

and works hard to entertain them all to the best of his abilities.

Over the past few years, Jon began livestreaming on Twitch. It was a different kind of experience, one that had less pressure in regards to presentation and editing, and allowed for instant viewer interaction. On June 13th of 2016 Jon committed to a #STREAMADAY series. Inspired by the likes of Coestar, Jon will stream every single day for as long as he can. He recently surpassed 1,462 days, or 4 years, and is still going strong. He became a Twitch Affiliate on July 7th, 2017. 



Jon streams every night on Twitch!